Made to order.

Reusable, Washable, Soft Cotton Fabric Face Masks, One Size Fits All.
24cm x 16cm  x 9cm
With 3 LAYERS of woven Fabrics.
Outer Layer 100% Japanese Quilters cotton 
2nd Layer Poly/Cotton
3rd Pocket Layer Cotton/Linen (linings will be random colours)
The 3rd layer is also a Pocket which you can insert an extra filter (for you to supply, such as a cut up green shopping bag) and comes fitted with a nose wire for a snug fit!
They are machine or hand washable after each use.
The adjustable 6mm elastic goes around the back of your head (we found this the most snug fit and most comfortable) or you can change it to go around your ears.
I will tie it loosely and you can adjust it to fit.
If you want it around your ears, just cut in half, tie and thread knot into the seam.
Contactless Pickup 5km radius or Post.
Stay Safe, Nicole Testimonials:
Thanks everyone, Love the feedback I’m getting.....
Hi Nicole, We received the masks order in the mail today. Thanks so much. They are great! The quality is fabulous, and the masks fit each of us, (and all five of us), really well.
“Oh Nicole! The masks arrived this afternoon and they are perfect! So much work ... and so bloody stylish. Thank you 🙏”
Hi Nicole, I received your masks, the wire insert over the nose makes a big difference and the side opening allows me the option of inserting filter material if I want. That’s great. I’m very happy Thanks  
Thank you so much for our masks, we LOVE them! They fit so well and look.gorgeous!!

Red Blossom Japanese Fabric Face Mask (3 Layer)

  • Hand or Machine Wash after each use.


    I wash mine with Velvet Soap in the laundry sink as soon as I get home and put it over the vent to dry, usually dry & ready for the next day.

  • Cut up a green shopping bag to put into the pocket as a waterproof filter.

    Put a drop of Essential Oil such as Doterra's Easy Air onto a tissue and insert into the pocket to help with breathing, to keep you calm and it smells amazing!!

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 Cheers, Nicole

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