Blend your own unique combinations of essential oils!  Just mix your favourite oils together either by themselves or with a carrier oil!  Re-use as often as you like!

I LOVE these convenient roll on bottles and have many all around the house, in my gym bag and handbag. So easy to use when on the go and the ease of applying ready diluted oils or oil blends that I use everyday to bottoms of feet, chest, neck or wrists!  

Perfect for diluting Oils for Children! 

Why Amber Glass: It is one of the only recyclable materials that can be re-used again and again – all without losing strength, durability or pureness. It protects delicate ingredients from photo damage, but allows us to eliminate toxic, synthetic preservatives like parabens and amber glass is 100% Non-Toxic and Safe. The rollerball is metal so will last a long time.  

TIP: the metal roller ball may be stiff the first time so roll it in your palm a few times before you insert it into the bottle. 

Roll On Bottles


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