Isolation Sewing

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

I taught my 16 year old son to sew this week!

How to use the machine and a basic seam.

Max said afterwards “that wasn’t as bad as I thought, it was quite fun” 😉 I hope he comes back to class tomorrow!

We made some fabric face masks for all of our neighbours. It made us feel connected whilst in isolation and his Dad and a Brother were still at work.

The dog stayed close by to make sure we were ok.

He also learnt how to use the unpicker and what the right and wrong side of fabric means 😂

These masks are to stop us touching our face while we are shopping for food or going to the doctors and save the medical masks for our emergency services. They are machine washable after each use and reversible, with 2 different Japanese Fabrics. The elastic goes around the back of your head (we found this the most comfortable) or you can change it to go around your ears.

Now he has has requests for medical scrub caps! Well done Max !! I’m so proud of you.

Stay safe everyone!

If you do want to order one just message me. They are $5 to cover fabric and elastic and a little pocket money for Max, (plus postage or pickup form Blackburn.)

Cheers, Nicole & Max

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