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Redressd Daily Aromatic Dressing

"Did you know that studies have found that 60% of adults say they feel ashamed of the way they look? Our bodies are a gift, and sometimes when we see them in a reflection or in a picture we can have a rush of feelings that aren't always positive. It can be hard to recognize our body for the gift that it is." Doterra


Aromatic dressing is the process of daily applying oils to your skin. It can not only make you smell AMAZING (and I constantly get compliments!) but it can also enhance your daily life.

It can help you feel in touch with yourself and everything around you.

I am so excited as this goes so well with my Love of Dressing everyone with clothing to help you feel your best.  Now I can take it a step further and help you to dress yourself with oils to help with what you need for the day, evening or night ahead.

Aromatic Dressing can be a ritual you do when you wake up in the morning, after your shower or before you go to bed, anytime really! Choosing oils that your body needs for physical and emotional support at the time.  

Remember less is more!

Dilute 1-3 drops total in Fractionated Coconut Oil or Unscented Hand and Body Lotion using a small bowl (see blow).

Finish by applying to the ends of your hair, bottom of your feet and take a moment to cup your hands over your nose and mouth and inhale.


If you would like to Purchase the oils at 25% off then send me a message and I can show you how.

Cheers, Nicole.

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