Essential Oils and Aromatic Dressing  

Honour your beautiful AMAZING BODY each Day 💜 with Self Care & Self Love 


This is a quick Practice to do when you get out of the shower. Morning or evening 😌


It is Super Powerful and brings Healing, Acceptance and Love with these Amazing Oils. 


  • Make a small mixture of Fractionated Coconut Oil and your favourite Essential Oils 

  • Start with your legs and move upwards, massaging the oils in. 

  • The SECRET to this is saying POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS to yourself as you go. Give some LOVE to your body

  • For Women-A great place to focus on is the Abdomen & bottom/thighs 💜

  "I LOVE & Appreciate my Scars, they prove sacrifice & endurance💜"


Intentionally put the highest quality pure oils on your body and intentionally linking in with your INNER SELF and the best things about you has life changing effects. 😘


Chose any oils that you love and have fun creating blends. You are intuitive and know how many drops your body needs. 

If you are just beginning start with 1tbs of FCO & 1-2 drops of Oil 🙏


Nicole xx 

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